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Variable Refrigerant Flow, or VRF, ductless systems are growing in popularity. VRF Systems highly effective at both heating and cooling your business without increasing your energy bill. If you trying to choose between a ducted system and either a ductless or VRF system, which should you choose? An HVAC system without ducts offers several benefits:

• Higher energy efficiency
• Accurate temperature control
• Simultaneous heating and cooling with certain systems
• Ideal for businesses with a variety of temperature variant areas
• Noise level is nearly undetectable

If you’re considering VRF systems for your business, we can help you choose the perfect ductless system for your needs and budget. If you’re still not sure if your business could benefit from a VRF system, we’re more than happy to explain ductless systems in more detail and help you decide which option will save you the most money and frustration.


We service the Portland metropolitan area, Hood River, Salem, Eugene, Seaside and SW Washington. If you would like to know if we service your area feel free to give us a call.

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Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance


One of the greatest benefits of VRF systems it that they’re incredibly reliable. But if you do require repair service for your ductless HVAC system we can help. VRF systems typically have less moving parts compared to ducted systems. This allows us to quickly pinpoint the issue and get your system back up and running. Our technicians are skilled in the repair of these units and will explain the work in detail so that future repairs can hopefully be avoided.


While maintenance is an important part of every HVAC system it’s even more crucial with a ductless system. Our technicians understand what these systems need to remain functioning at their top performance level. To prolong the life and increase the efficiency of your VRF system we recommend that our technicians inspect your system every spring and fall. They’ll inspect the refrigerant lines, replace filters as needed and do their best to foresee any potential mechanical issues.

VRF systems are quickly becoming the HVAC system of choice for commercial buildings. Whether your building already has a ductless system in place or is in the process of making the switch, we can help maintain and repair your system when needed so that you can enjoy its benefits year-round.

Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance
Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance

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